What is Coaching?

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Why is coach more preferred over a therapist?

Coaches aim to motivate, offer environment for complete reflection of one’s life and accordingly assists clients in finding the respective way-outs. Coaching focuses on action and results. It embraces the emotional and psychological well-being. Coaching assumes that the client is both whole and complete, and not only able, but personally responsible for creating their life. Therapy inculcated by the so-called therapists includes past-based instances related to one’s life, particularly focused on healing traumas or psychological issues that are causing emotional distress in present. It basically focuses on emotions and feelings related to a person’s life.

What is the brief difference between Coaching, Consulting, Counseling, Training, Mentoring, Therapy and Teaching?

  • Coaching: Assists a person to improve their performance, observes carefully, gives feedbacks and inspires new thinking. Help raise awareness around an issue and generates new thinking to bring about the solutions. It sits into the present and looks at the future. A coach stands best when it comes to self-introspection and inner reflection.
  • Consulting: Analyses an issue for you and provides solutions
  • Counseling: Assists in solving past/present issues, and gives his/her personalized solutions which may or may not be suitable
  • Training:It is just limited to the transfer of knowledge from the trainer to a trainee.
  • Mentoring: Gives advice based on one’s past experience.
  • Therapy: Treats or relieves a disorder, its action is not emphasized. Deals with the past issues and no future action is recommended.
  • Teaching: - Develops thinking and capabilities, basically the what and how of an action.

Who is a life coach?

A life coach is such a magician that can lead you to live a better version of your life without stress and worry

They use ice breakers and role plays to make the beneficiaries have the complete answers to their problems. They assist in having a vision to the abilities that is naturally hidden due to the blind spots in our thought process.

What are the benefits of getting coached?

  • Able to find the purpose in life
  • Simplifies life
  • More contentment and satisfaction towards life
  • Communicate more effectively
  • Extreme ownership
  • Complete accountability
  • Take greater responsibilities in life
  • Work more efficiently and productively
  • Reflection of one’s own abilities
  • Disciplined life
  • Progression in the achievements

When does coaching doesn’t help?

Coaching generally requires a lot of openness and flexible behavior that initiates the engaging character and enable the creative part of the personality come to the surface. In the sessions one need to be ready to unlearn a few myths and dilemmas that we generally have in our minds with the help of reflections in order to de-limit our abilities and progress in life. Even the sky is not the limit nowadays

Often coaching fails to work when we:-

  • are shy to share truth or like to act introvert.
  • prevent owning ownership
  • fear change.
  • lack discipline in our daily life.